IJEDAL Ethic Committee Approval


Summarize: Ethics committee decision is required for IJEDAL publications.

The “Ethics Committee Approval” is requested for the manuscripts regarding the changes made for the year 2020 within the scope of TR INDEX Evaluation Criteria. All articles uploaded as of 21 February 2020 must upload the Ethics Committee Approval/Permission Document. In this context, for studies that require Ethics Committee permission, uploaded after 21 February, 2020, information about the permission (name of the board, date and number) should be included in the method section and on the first/last page of the manuscript.

Within this context, any manuscript submitted to IJEDAL as a possible publication by February 21, 2020 onwards;

  1. “Ethics Committee Approval” is required in all studies conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using survey, interview, focus group study, observation, experiment, and interview techniques.
  2. Independent researchers can obtain an "Ethics Committee Approval Document" by applying to the ethics committees of the Higher Education institutions in their province before the data collection process of their studies.
  3. For the studies that do not require ethics committee approval, researchers should submit the 'Ethics Committee Approval is not Required' document to be obtained from the Ethics Committee of their institution.
  4. Any manuscript produced from the thesis, project, etc. it is sufficient to submit the "Ethics Committee Approval Document" previously received.
  5.  The permission obtained from the institutions where the research was conducted (i.e. Ministry of National Education, Local Education Authorities, Education Faculties) does not replace "Ethics Committee Approval".