Aims and Scope

International Journal of Educational Administration and Leadership: Theory and Practıce (IJEDAL) is a peer-reviewed, national and international and interdisciplinary journal publishing original research articles and significant contributions to education and educational sciences. The journal is a valuable resource for teachers, counsellors, supervisors, educational administrators, leadership, educational policymakers, curriculum designers and developers, and educational researchers in the field of education.

IJEDAL publishes research employing a variety of qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods research and approaches in all areas in the field of educational administration and leadership. The journal's goal is to increase understanding of learning and teaching in early childhood, primary, secondary, vocational and higher education to contribute to the improvement of educational processes and outcomes.

The range of topics covered in the IJEDAL include;

  • Educational Management
  • Educational Planning
  • Education Policies
  • Education Leadership
  • Education Supervision
  • Education History
  • Educational Philosophy
  • Organizational Behavior in Education
  • School Inspection
  • Teacher Education and Training
  • Higher Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation